Monday, December 19, 2011

Music Mondays: Lenka

Greetings from the ever absent NibsnInk! I am here to commence Music Mondays!

So the song of the day is "The Show", by Lenka.

Go watch it!

Sounds familiar?? Well it was recently used in the film Moneyball with Brad Pitt and has been used in commercials for Old Navy.

A little bit about the artist Lenka:
Here's a cute cuddly picture of her!
To me she is an Australian Lily Allen with a bit of Sarah Silverman mixed in there (Look-wise and spunkiness). She is an actress turned singer/songwriter. She play the piano and trumpet.  Who loves the trumpet? I do! :D

"The Show" is her very first single which I am in LOVE with! Another song by her that is just as good is "Trouble is a Friend."

If you like her you should also check out Minipop, Lily Allen, Katie Melua and Eisley.

That's all from me! Let me know what you think in comments below! <3

Cuddly Picture courtesy of

Friday, December 16, 2011

Apartment Dreams

If I ever muster up enough cash/write a cover letter that doesn't make a recruiter want to gouge their eyes out, I will move into the apartment of my dreams.  Ideally, it will look something like this: 

Except instead of that cross up there, it'll probably be a menorah.  Or an elephant statue.  Elephants are baller.  In fact I have one now.  His name is Navin.  

Don't judge me.  Or do, my apartments probably gonna be so kick ass that I'll never leave and become even more socially awkward than I already am!  What whaaaat.  Yeah, boy.

Now that you've gotten a small peak at Ghetto Beetle, we can move on.  I actually have a whole folder on my computer devoted to pictures of apartments that I love.  It makes me happy and pissed off at the same time because I am still slummin' at Mama & Papa Beetle's.  Thank you, economy, student loan debt, and craptastic place of employment that henceforth shall be known as Windowless Pit of Hell (or WPH for short).  

But here are some fun pictures of [probably fake] apartments to look at!  

I should probably stop dreaming about these things and multiply my jobhunting efforts by 398203982 to actually make these things happen.
You will quickly learn of my love for exposed brick.  (from

Told you.  (from
LOVE the wallpaper.

future sink.
Sinks are important, and mine's gonna be off the heezy.  (Ghetto Beetle resurfaces.) - from

My coworker and I also decided to declare today Puppy Friday,  so... BOOM!

I think this is a fairly accurate representation of my existence.
-Beetle out.  xx

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Con Birthdays and Chocolate Chip Donut Bagels

Up until last Saturday, I had no idea what Santa Con even was until I realized that it was out to compete with my birthday via hipster Santa Clauses and slutty Mrs. Clauses.  As Jenna Marbles puts it, there is a time and place for slutty dress-up games, and that time is known as Halloween.  Santa is supposed to be jolly and happy and full of merry, not ecstasy (oh yes, it gets better).  

But I digress.  I'm actually here to say that I had a kick-ass birthday.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't really have one set group of friends -- they're more like little grouplets.  People from high school, people from college, people who came back to NYC post-college, people who stayed in the Bean.  It was so great to have everyone together in one bar (one amazing bar, by the way.  I highly recommend Whiskey Town, brother bar of the Whiskey Brooklyn & Whiskey Tavern, to anyone.  Great people, great atmosphere.  PAC MAN MACHINE.  There's no way you can go wrong here, really.)     

Naturally, people bought me a lot of happy juice and I ended up dancing with a Santa Claus whose hat I demanded to wear.  Everything was going great until he decided to announce that he was on ecstasy and even in my tipsy state of being, I managed to say something along the lines of "HAHA BYE!"  I was later told that Nibs stepped in and karate chopped him.  (Reason number #314 as to why my friends are wonderful.)  Had she not done so, I probably would have resorted to drunk krav, which, let's face it, would've been really amusing and somehow would have made its way onto YouTube.  Instead I let Nibs do her thang and went back to dancing to Blackstreet's "No Diggity."  Told you this bar was awesome.  

Highlight of the evening (other than drugged Santa):  

I love everyone when I'm in my happy place.

So to recap:  Kisses, yummy drinks, friends, and the occasional Santa on ecstasy.  Can't say it was a boring birthday. 


... and it got even better the next day!  Yes, I had I had a hangover, (I'm a feisty krav fighter, not Wonder Woman), but I schlepped myself to the Brainery for a class on how to make no-knead bread and it was a ton of fun!  I am not a huge baker (this will change once I move into a new apartment), but I absolutely LOVE bread to the point that it was my nickname as a baby.  So when a fellow Brainery teacher invited me to his class, I couldn't say no.  

I ended up baking something that kind of resembled a large donut/bagel but was filled with chocolate chips inside.  Some call it bizarre, I call it a masterpiece.  It doesn't really matter because any combination of dough and dark chocolate chips will taste incredible.  And it did.  

You know you want some o' this sugah.

I do have the recipe for anyone interested, so if you want it, just shoot us a comment!  

And if you want to learn how to fend off inebriated men in red suits, I can be of service there as well.    

-Beetle, xx  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beetle Introductions

Greetings blogging universe!

Now that Nibs has taken the liberty of writing our first blog post, you get a little taste of the types of conversations we have had over our 8+ year friendship.  To put things into perspective, that day that Nibs rescued me from my soul-sucking job, we went to Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn's gigantor public library, to wind down and curl up with some reading.  On the way home, we sat in the subway, waiting for the train when she came to the following conclusion:  "These shoes make my feet look like sweet potatoes!"

For most of you, this may sound strange, but that's only because we haven't introduced ourselves!  So here's a little about us --

The Leetle Beetle

LB is a small, feisty creature who most definitely has a Napoleonic complex.  Her job is the bane of her existence, so she occupies herself with a ton of other amazing activities that she wishes she could get paid for, but doesn't.  These include:  learning to kick serious ass at the Krav Maga Academy (Israeli self-defense classes),  doing volunteer translations for Global Voices Online (a ballin' citizen media news source), and teaching Spanish classes at the Brooklyn Brainery.

At the moment, she's constantly on the hunt for a new job so that she can finally quit the hell hole and move into a new apartment (preferably with Nibs!).

She also has an obsession with good food and fashion, so you'll probably be hearing a ton about that.  Follow her on twitter at @leetle_beetle and Beetle's Blabberings for more randomness! (and please excuse the occasional work-induced profanity.  Happy hour usually cures that.)

Nibs 'n Ink (written with loooove by LB)

Nibs is quite possibly THE most energetic person ever to walk this planet earth.  Even when she's upset, she is jumping around and makes it impossible for anyone to stay sad around her.  She's a super genius who studied Bio-medical Engineering in college and now wants to cut eyeballs in half (a la Un Chien Andalou) for a living.

To completely counteract all the science that bounces around in her head, Nibs is also incredibly creative and draws, paints, does crazy things on Photoshop, and occasionally makes fabulous handmade cards.  (Do I smell at Etsy shop in her future? Methinks yes.)

But enough about us!  Actually, wait.. this is a blog, so this will probably be all about us and the ridiculous things we do  (like pretend to be tourists looking for the Brooklyn Bridge whilst eating ice cream in 30F-degree weather).  Oh yes, that happened.

xx, Beetle.

P.S.  Puppies.

These Shoes Make My Feet Look Like Sweet Potatoes

It was a typical evening of rescuing Leetle Beetle from work a.k.a. hell (not like she believes in hell) when I made a shocking discovery. The boots I was wearing made my feet look like two very big and unattractive sweet potatoes. Why had I not made this discovery when I first purchased these shoes? Maybe I was blinded by the fact that they were very cheap and the last pair that was exactly my size.... plus there's studs on them.. I may or may not have a weak spot for studs. That's enough writing from me.

Let me know what you think!
<3 NibsnInk