Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Resuming Blogger Mode





I do that often. My parents use to say I have a three minute attention span for any extra-curricular activities in which, they enrolled me. Now, thanks to a pesky, but lovable friend, I will quickly summarize all that has transpired since I last wrote on my sad, sad perspective on life (my life in particular) and not without pictures! 

I finally replaced my decrepit LG flip phone with a pearly white Samsung Galaxy SII...fancy huh? Not really...It is the T-Mobile version, so not only do I have to restart it from time to time but also, the battery life does not compare with the Apple equivalent. Still, I love my new phone. I will have an affair with the iPhone later down the road, but for now, I am ecstatic about my Galaxy SII. 

So now on to my photo diary thanks to my acquisition of a device that is capable of operating Instagram: 

For the month of July I was under a make-up ban, but this Wet n' Wild lipstick in Purty Persimmon was 40% off! Hard to pass off a summery orange lipstick for $1.19!!!

To save up for the ZARA sale, I was under a clothing ban too...but just look at this VS bra! It was on sale, but not enough to say it was a steal. Still too pretty to resist though!

My X-Mini portable speaker! Dance Partayyyyy anywhere anytime!!!

I saw this at a Duane Reade near my job today. It's nice that they have testers.
My skin tone can be anywhere from NC 30 to NW 42, so either light/medium or medium seem to blend in well. Even on my hand though, the coverage is pretty light. Worth a try for $9.79. 

Lunch Review: Multi-grain Mushroom Soup and Bread from Flavors

For lunch today, I went to Flavors, a fancy deli that is probably part of some big food corporation and boasts on its "healthy, fresh, natural" ingredients. I just needed a cheap, hearty cup of soup and Au Bon Pain's options were so sub-par that I ventured into the deli for health-conscious-but-too-lazy-and-rich-to-make-their-own-lunch customers. Surprisingly, their small soup wasn't that much more expensive than other places in the Financial District, and it came with bread. The soup had corn, onions, bits of rice, but not much, carrots, and mushrooms of course. I didn't see how it was multi-grain, but all those vegetables made up for it. I really liked the soup. It was neither too salty nor too watery, which are characteristic of soups at any chain restaurant. The size was just right for me and I normally eat at least half a pound of food from the local Chinese buffet place. The multi-grain bread was nothing special; it was moderately soft and reminded my of cafeteria bread: not your public elementary school cafeteria bread, but more like your private liberal arts college cafeteria bread. 

In conclusion, this lunch was beyond satisfactory. For under $4.00, this is a meal that I would buy again. The only problem is the customer service. This is the second time I received attitude from the cashier. The first time, the cashier gave me the wrong amount of change. This time, another cashier snapped at me when I asked her if there was extra charge for the bread. No one informed me that the bread came with the soup. This is my first time buying soup at your restaurant. Why the nastiness? I understand people have bad days. But it seems that the cashiers at Flavors on Broad Street just give me an attitude when I correct them or make an inquiry. That will be the one and only reason for not entering Flavors unless I'm craving for some good soup. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!