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FRIDAY, 3 FEB 2012 
Not only is today a Frenzied Friday, it's a Friendly Farewell.  That is a lot of words that start with the letter F.  Oddly enough, none of them are the one that most frequently leaves my angelic, New Yorker mouth.

Ah, fellow alpacas.  This Friday is bittersweet.  If any of you actually read this little blog of ours and I'm not writing into Internet oblivion, you'll remember my post about job hunting on the day that NibsnInk had a big interview.  As it turns out, she kicks way more ass than I ever will, and she landed the job!  It's a great job!  It's a dream job! 

It's also in Albany.  

Am I being selfish? YES.  I don't want my Nibs all the way in Albany.  (Hush, I know it's only 2.5 hours away.  Let me have my moment of drama.)  NibsnInk and I have known each other since our freshman year of high school, when we had the same math class together.  Then we met WahYizzle and a glorious trio formed.  We spent hours at each others houses -- them eating herring & potatoes, me eating bok choi (that shit is heavenly.  there is a reason Asians & Jews get along.  food.), doing homework, talking about boys, clothes, whatever.  

I always had this dream that we'd all share an apartment in Brooklyn somewhere and we'd all have mediocre jobs and drink lots of wine.  Leave me alone, I want to live in a sitcom.  

But as always, life has its own plans, and things change.  I am so SO happy for her!  She got an amazing job and is getting HER OWN APARTMENT.  (what!)  Rent is ridiculously cheap because it's not NYC, she even gets a pool and a fitness center!  I plan on visiting a ton and considering her inability to decorate, there will be many a skype dates involving me doing virtual interior decorating for her.  
Lots of people always say "Keep in touch" and never mean it.  Nibs is one of the most important people in my life and the thought of her not being in it scares the living shit out of me.  It's going to suck not living a 20-minute subway ride away, but we will make it work.  Best friends always do.

I'm not even sure what was going on here. 
Oh man.  The three of us at our high school graduation.
Yes, I had braces and big hair. 
Here's to future upstate dance parties and more adventures.

-Beetle, xx.  

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  1. Also I was on crutches... XD <3 Awww I will miss you bothh!!! >__< But seriously.. Party at my house!!!!!!!