Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Mondays - Marie Digby

Happy Monday!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today I would like to introduce one of the best new (to me) artist I have come to love: Marie Digby!!! Like the best of us, She is from New York City and born TODAY so Drop by @MarieDigby on Twitter to send her your wishes!! For all you ppl living under a rock and away from You tube here is a gorgeous picture of her in a regular hat since I can't find a cute animal hat pic. :(

Courtesy of
I discovered her on when her song Miss Invisible came on. That's when I fell in LOVE with her voice. Obviously my next step is to look at ALL her stuff on Youtube. Her covers are REALLY good. But her Original music is EVEN better. Here is an adorable video of her in Say it Again.

Other than her numerous musical talents (piano playing, guitar playing, beautiful voice) she also has a wonderful personality that makes her SOO easy to love. She loves sushi, halloween, snakes, Edward scissor hands and Resses Pieces... That's EVERYTHING I love. XD Other than liking Green more than blue she is definitely someone you should keep a look out for!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!!! You are STUNNING! I can't wait for anything you make!!

Let me know what you think of Marie in the comments! 

<3 Nibs n Ink

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