Monday, April 9, 2012

We Return With Music Mondays So That You Can Start Your Week Right!

As if all of you cannot live without an Alpaca Clouds posting...Anyway, let's get straight to the music. You can read more about my life later in the post if you are bored enough to do so. 

I've always gone through phases. I was a wannabe Goth/Punk in high school. In the end, I realized I was just conforming to a cultural subgroup, a clique with its unforgiving rules nonetheless. So, now that I've grown up a little bit more (not height-wise unfortunately), I would like to say I'm just comfortable in my own skin. Of course, my taste in clothes and music are still influenced by what I was and use to like as a teenager and even earlier; I'm known as the hipster among my friends, and I just shrug it off because I can see why they would call me that. Still, I have a better idea of who I am and less stubborn about what has to be.

That is the kind of contextualization within which I introduce the Dum Dum Girls to you. They are my current band crush, which started exactly 15 minutes ago. They look exactly like what I wanted to be in high school. Actually, I still dress like that when my mood requires it. I don't think I'm pale enough for that kind of make-up though. Like many bands nowadays, they have a late 80s flavor, and what made me listen to their music was Dee Dee's (the lead singer) short rendition of The Cure's "Lovesong" on Youtube. Now that I think about it, most hipsters are just 80s-90s teenagers, who might or might not have grown up a little bit. 

Anyway, I love Dee Dee's voice and their music definitely augments whatever mood I'm feeling at the moment. Probably dreamy, nostalgic, and chill. It's funny I'm in that mood because I do have work today. 

Speaking of work, I should probably update you on what has been happening and the reason (*cough* excuse *cough*) for our hiatus. Basically, we all just got swamped with work. Nibs n Ink, as you know, moved to Central New York for her totally enviable job, leaving Leetle Beetle and I devastated and scrambling to find something to fill that hole in our lives. I have been job searching for a while now, and I finally got a job offer; however, I had already agreed to do an internship (that would have been the perfect job if they were hiring), so now I'm working part-time. While I'm grateful that they allowed me to do this, they are giving me more worry than peace of mind. Let's just say there are still some things not spelled out regarding the terms of this position. I've been working for a week, and hopefully, I will get an answer today. 

Now, it's bad enough that it's a Monday, so I will end the post on a happier note. It was my birthday two weeks ago and my lovely friends, against all odds, went clubbing with me. And speaking of odds, who would've known a club that plays AMAZING dance music exists in Williamsburg? I had a blast. We didn't take any pictures because we all forgot to bring cameras and were probably too excited to document the night. But, I do have some enticing pictures of the food I made the week after, still house-sitting while my parents were abroad.

It was the best guacamole I ever made. This was the second time, so I expect improve even more! Also, I had Honey Jack Daniels and Lemonade with it, which was the perfect touch to a meal after-work.

Okay, I didn't make this, but this was tiramisu that Leetle Beetle made for my birthday. I had to finish the whole thing. It was 10 pounds I don't regret gaining because it was THAT good.

Cake would never be right without tea. I had Earl Grey. 

I hope you have a great week. If not, we will definitely be back to give you a virtual hug on Friday and celebrate that it's the weekend!


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  1. YAY! New post!! The Dum Dum girls are sooo HOT! Seriously... I may be in love with the drummer and I don't even know her name.. XD They're so pouted it's awesome.

    The guac and cake looks deliciouss... I'm so hungry right now!! *stomach rumbles* Please come visit me soon! :)