Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who said you can't have fun when you're a responsible adult?

Ever since I grew up and got a real job (and moved to the middle of no where...) I haven't been partying it up as much as I used to (at least ONCE a month! *sarcasm*.)  But I definitely lived it up this weekend when the lovely WahYizzle came to visit me at my lonely hut in the middle of the woods. Not only were we able to go shopping at Target we also attended a prestigious formal held by the brothers of Phi Iota Alpha. Without further ado here are some wonderful portraits. 
WahYizzle and My sexy self.

Our delicious Dinner!! We both had salmon but I stole half
a piece of the pecan crusted chicken since I'm a fatty. :)
Obviously I devoured every bite!
To top off an amazing meal we had adorable quiche-shaped cheesecake for dessert!!! Unfortunately they were devoured SO quickly that my camera was unable to take a picture of the delicious goodness. My apologies.

Afterwards, there were rumors of a fantastic after party that involves a whole night of dancing and revelries which had our names written ALL over it. We've decided to make a quick run home to change shoes so our feet can enjoy the night was well. Little did we know, my nemesis sleep is lurking just beyond the corner. Right when I got home I was seduced by my mattress and instantly I was asleep. The end.

I hope you enjoyed the crazy (boring) adventures of a responsible adult.

<3 Nibs n Ink

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