Friday, December 16, 2011

Apartment Dreams

If I ever muster up enough cash/write a cover letter that doesn't make a recruiter want to gouge their eyes out, I will move into the apartment of my dreams.  Ideally, it will look something like this: 

Except instead of that cross up there, it'll probably be a menorah.  Or an elephant statue.  Elephants are baller.  In fact I have one now.  His name is Navin.  

Don't judge me.  Or do, my apartments probably gonna be so kick ass that I'll never leave and become even more socially awkward than I already am!  What whaaaat.  Yeah, boy.

Now that you've gotten a small peak at Ghetto Beetle, we can move on.  I actually have a whole folder on my computer devoted to pictures of apartments that I love.  It makes me happy and pissed off at the same time because I am still slummin' at Mama & Papa Beetle's.  Thank you, economy, student loan debt, and craptastic place of employment that henceforth shall be known as Windowless Pit of Hell (or WPH for short).  

But here are some fun pictures of [probably fake] apartments to look at!  

I should probably stop dreaming about these things and multiply my jobhunting efforts by 398203982 to actually make these things happen.
You will quickly learn of my love for exposed brick.  (from

Told you.  (from
LOVE the wallpaper.

future sink.
Sinks are important, and mine's gonna be off the heezy.  (Ghetto Beetle resurfaces.) - from

My coworker and I also decided to declare today Puppy Friday,  so... BOOM!

I think this is a fairly accurate representation of my existence.
-Beetle out.  xx

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