Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beetle Introductions

Greetings blogging universe!

Now that Nibs has taken the liberty of writing our first blog post, you get a little taste of the types of conversations we have had over our 8+ year friendship.  To put things into perspective, that day that Nibs rescued me from my soul-sucking job, we went to Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn's gigantor public library, to wind down and curl up with some reading.  On the way home, we sat in the subway, waiting for the train when she came to the following conclusion:  "These shoes make my feet look like sweet potatoes!"

For most of you, this may sound strange, but that's only because we haven't introduced ourselves!  So here's a little about us --

The Leetle Beetle

LB is a small, feisty creature who most definitely has a Napoleonic complex.  Her job is the bane of her existence, so she occupies herself with a ton of other amazing activities that she wishes she could get paid for, but doesn't.  These include:  learning to kick serious ass at the Krav Maga Academy (Israeli self-defense classes),  doing volunteer translations for Global Voices Online (a ballin' citizen media news source), and teaching Spanish classes at the Brooklyn Brainery.

At the moment, she's constantly on the hunt for a new job so that she can finally quit the hell hole and move into a new apartment (preferably with Nibs!).

She also has an obsession with good food and fashion, so you'll probably be hearing a ton about that.  Follow her on twitter at @leetle_beetle and Beetle's Blabberings for more randomness! (and please excuse the occasional work-induced profanity.  Happy hour usually cures that.)

Nibs 'n Ink (written with loooove by LB)

Nibs is quite possibly THE most energetic person ever to walk this planet earth.  Even when she's upset, she is jumping around and makes it impossible for anyone to stay sad around her.  She's a super genius who studied Bio-medical Engineering in college and now wants to cut eyeballs in half (a la Un Chien Andalou) for a living.

To completely counteract all the science that bounces around in her head, Nibs is also incredibly creative and draws, paints, does crazy things on Photoshop, and occasionally makes fabulous handmade cards.  (Do I smell at Etsy shop in her future? Methinks yes.)

But enough about us!  Actually, wait.. this is a blog, so this will probably be all about us and the ridiculous things we do  (like pretend to be tourists looking for the Brooklyn Bridge whilst eating ice cream in 30F-degree weather).  Oh yes, that happened.

xx, Beetle.

P.S.  Puppies.

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