Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boobie Talk Tuesday

After watching Rowan Peeling's hour long Documentary on men's thoughts on their penis size, I've realized that a lot of women have the same thoughts (not about penises of course since females tend to have vaginas) about their breasts. When did size start to matter? People always told me that proportions is what matters the most. It's okay to have small boobs as long as it is in proportion to the rest of you. What constitutes as the perfect proportion? Does meeting the golden ratio (which btw is 1.618 blah blah blah) really increases your beauty? 

As an above-average sized (I'm 5'5"), Asian girl, I speak from experience when I say I know how it feels to have small boobs. I grew up expecting them to pop up someday and I guess they did, but I didn't think it was gonna stop when they did. Now I know better since A is for Asian after all. I apologize for that stupid pun. My boobs aren't exactly a disappointment but rather an expectation misguided by media. I was never a fan of Asian media so I guess I was brainwashed by the gigantic boobies of Hollywood and American culture. However for all those fellow small boobies (SB) out there I would like to say that I have grown to love them. Because seriously, they are very low maintenance. Everything fits and you never have to worry about popping out (like poor Janet). 

Aren't you glad you won't have this problem?
Small boobs also has a lower percentage of sagging. YAY! *dances her happy cow dance*  

One tip I can give to my fellow SBs is to find that one bra that makes you feel amazing in. It doesn't even have to double your size like the liars at Victoria's Secret said the Miracle Bra would do, but make you feel comfortable and give those babies just enough push. For me this is Victoria's Secret's (I know I just called them liars... but they still make good bras...) BioFit Bra. I don't know about other SBs, but too much padding tends to make my bra rise up ALL the time. I spend more time fixing it than enjoying my time in it. The BioFit has very little padding but gives enough support to make my boobies be visible. Please feel free to leave your favorite Bra in the comments below! :) 

I think a lot of the anti-small boobs feelings come from the glorification of big boobs and the belief that adding more fat to your chest means increasing your beauty. And why do we care about our beauty? Well the answer is SEX. I'm not trying to be vulgar but speak the truth. We try to better ourselves physically to attract a mate. The greatest way to increase self-confidence is knowing people are attracted to you. The sexualization (is this a word? w/e i don't care you get what I mean) of boobs is a main cause of why plastic surgeons make so much money on breast augmentations which is ironic because breasts augmentation are know to decrease (erotic) sensitivity in the nipples. I know, I know, as long as the rest of your body works that's okay right? But as a woman you know know that foreplay is 50-70% of achieving an orgasm. So Is it worth it if you can attract a person but not feel as much?

I know not everyone is a nerd like me and read medical papers for fun. So here is a very informational website about BOOBIES! They have a lot of information on sagging and different types of boobs.  

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Please leave me comments on what you think! 

Here's a picture of my sister's adorable pups for your time.

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Janet image courtesy of NYdaily news.com. THX!


  1. I love small boobies!! And this is coming from someone who has size D-ish boobies. Also, the letter sizes don't mean shit because the width of your chest counts too! So a 32C is actually about the same as 34B. Boobies rock no matter what size!


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