Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Frenzy: CAKE

Happy Friday, friends!  We're (sort of) taking a brief break from the Barcelona posts for this week's Friday Frenzy, brought to you by gluttony and easy recipes.    

This is basically how I look at every meal.
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When I was in Barcelona, L taught me how to make tiramisu in the fastest, easiest way I have ever seen in my life.  It requires no baking.  (No, really.)  S & L don't have an oven in their apartment, so this is one of the few cakes L can actually make.  It takes more time for me to write and explain it in this post than it does to actually make it.  

We did have to tweak it a bit, since everything has to be low-fat friendly in my house after my sister's gall bladder surgery.  (Check out her kick ass food blog and follow her on the Twitter machine at @CraftyBelka!)  Here is our final result: 

instant coffee (3 tsp)
Mascarpone cheese (1 box, 227 g)
egg yolk (1)
egg whites (2) 
sugar (4 tsp)
lady fingers (1 pack) -- How old does it make me if I giggle every time I hear the words "lady fingers"?

Step 1:  Make really really strong black coffee.  We put 3 tsp of regular instant coffee in one cup.  Pour it into a wide bowl so it can cool off.

Step 2:  Beat egg whites with electric mixer until they stand up when you lift the mixer out of them.  

Step 3:  In a separate bowl, mix in mascarpone, egg yolk, egg whites, and sugar.  Beat well (either with a spoon or electric mixer) until you have an even, thickish, creamy consistency.  

Step 4: Dip lady fingers one by one in coffee.  Lay them down flat in your tupperware of choice.  Then add one layer of the cream you made in Step 3.  Add one more layer of lady fingers, and another of cream to top it off.  (You can technically alternate and do as many layers of lady fingers/cream as you want, but I think two was more than enough for us.) 

Step 5:  Refrigerate until cold (I know that sounds stupid).  Basically, if you do this in the evening, leave it overnight.  If you do it in the morning, you can eat it probably by the evening.  It just has to be cold.  

Step 6:  Sprinkle some cocoa over it and enjoy!  We used Godiva and it was heavenly.

I can't say no to chocolate and coffee.
Voi la! 
Has this put you in the cooking mood for the weekend?  (or maybe just the vegging mood?  That's fine too.)  Let us know what your favorite dessert recipe is!  

-Beetle, xx.


  1. dude this looks amazing but I would 100% add liquor like a traditional recipe... boozy dessert? YES.

    1. I've actually seen a ton of recipes with Kahlua and think it's a fabulous idea. I just didn't realize that there was liqueur in the original recipe.

      Like I said, I'm all for tweaking so the more suggestions, the merrier! Perhaps I shall post a Tiramisu 2.0 recipe after I've experimented some more :)

      -Beetle, xx