Wednesday, January 18, 2012

W is for Websites.

Happy Wednesday Bloggers! 

But this Wednesday is an important Wednesday. There may be a bunch of you that did not know that today is the day where websites all over a taking a stand against the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The most renowned participant of this 24-hr protest is the website we all know and love, Wikipedia. So if you need to polish your paper (not recommended for the intellectually inclined) for a class, tough luck. 
Where's Wikipedia??

So why should we protest against it? Isn't it supposed to better the society so that the people supported the celebs in music and movie making can earn what they deserve? I agree that entertainment supporters deserve adequate reimbursement for their time and hard work, however Do you really think this bill will stop pirating website that work with torrenting? Those website works on third member sites that is probably not regulated in the United States. Voting for these two acts means giving power to censor the internet to a few people who thinks they know better for everyone in the United States (that's 312,870,807 people... rocket scientists included). Please take into consideration who supports this and who doesn't when re-electing your congressmen. For those of you that wants to be part of this you can contact your local congressperson and senator to tell them why this act cannot be passed. 

TED just released a comprehensive video on why PIPA and SOPA is wrong. Please watch it if you don't really understand the repercussions of passing these two acts.

I thank you in advance!

Please feel free to leave comments on what you think about this protest or if you why you believe that the PIPA and SOPA should/should not be passed!

One another note, W is for Webtoons!!!!

One note-worthy Webtoon for me is Nineteen, Twenty-One by Jenna. 

Courtesy of Webtoons Live! Thanks!

This webtoon is a story of a girl who lost 2 years of her life due to an accident. This incident isolates her from her friends and family. This is a beautifully drawn webtoon that inspires everyone to re-discover their passions and pursue things that really matter to them. I hope everyone enjoy it as much as I do.

WebToons Live also has a wide-range of other webtoons that are equally marvelous! Please let me know which ones you like/dont like.

<3 Nibs n Ink

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  1. I wish more online companies had actually instituted a real blackout like Wikipedia. Don't get me wrong - the awareness is great, but can you imagine if Google shut down, even for a couple of hours?

    1. I completely agree with you! Since Megaupload is completely shut down now.. I assume mission failed? I'm not completely sure if the protest helped at all.. :(

    2. It's a constant cat and mouse game. Megaupload will be down, but another one will come up.