Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I guess New York City is getting sleepy

Apparently something's happening to New York and it's called the Bostonification.  Have you heard of this absurdity?  

I read this article a while ago about how bars in New York are starting to close at 2am because community members are complaining.  Now, I'm hearing about the MTA closing down the 4/5/6 lines from 10pm to 5am.  

Courtesy of Mike_fleming via Flickr

... what.  

News flash, people.  This isn't Boston (as much as I do love the Bean after spending my college years there.)  This city wasn't founded by a bunch of Protestants.  We need our 24-hour subway and, more importantly, WE NEED OUR BOOZE.  We need to be able to get up at 3am when we're feeling depressed, call our friends, and take the train to our favorite bars to get our drink on.   

Without that, there's nothing else separating us from the rest of this country.  And lord knows we're nothing like the rest of this country.

(Yes, I'm aware I'm an obnoxious New Yorker and actually wish this were true.) 

What are your thoughts on this craziness?  Would you mind bars closing earlier and the subway lines running during certain hours only? 

Post your rants below!

-Beetle, xx.

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  1. Dislike Dislike Dislike!!! >___<

    If I am up at 3 am in the morning... I deserve to be drunk!!!