Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Epic Fail: Beauty Blogging

It may be ironic to blog about how I fantastically failed at blogging, specifically beauty blogging, but I thought why not? I'm WahYizzle.

I don't know when this whole beauty blogging/YouTubing fad started, but I'm guessing it was around 2009-2010 because it seems that's when the first videos were uploaded by the most viewed beauty YouTubers (Michelle Phan, frmheadtotoe, Fleur De Force, etc.). I've always been a late bloomer (B.T.dubs, I'm still late-blooming in the romance area, so hook a girl up), so it is no surprise that I started getting addicted to beauty bloggers only this past summer, when I was escaping my sad reality of unemployment. Mind you, it was not completely impractical because prior to watching these videos religiously, I had no idea how to put on make up, and we all know how crucial it can be in this professional (mother frakkin' superficial ass) world. 

Anyway, my biggest beauty splurge this past year was on the Gareth Pugh x MAC collection. I adore Gareth Pugh and his clothes make me wish I were a tall, dark-haired Goth with porcelain skin (I was a punk/goth wannabe back in high school, but I was too aware of how mainstream this sub-culture truly was). 

Gareth Pugh makes Lisbeth Salander look like a wannabe.
(Photo courtesy of Hautemacabre.com)

I bought Fervent, a "blackened berry" lipstick with a Satin finish, and Strada, a brownish nude blush. I bought products from this collection more because I love the packaging as it's designed by G.P. (even his initials are awesome!). I needed a dark lipstick, so Fervent perfectly satisfied this "need." The only thing is, I did not expect to fall in love with it this much. I have only worn it out once, and I already regret trying it out at home several times before this outing and wasting product. It's dark enough but somehow doesn't look too blue-purple on my olive/medium-tan skin.

It doesn't look like a vibrator like the regular MAC lipsticks, but it's just as sexy!

Of course by the time I decided I should get a back-up even with my limited funds, it was already sold out. I was looking at Sephora's Manic Mat in 04 as a dupe...but Rimmel's collaboration with Kate Moss finally sailed across the ocean blue, and what top model in her right mind would not include such a hard-to-wear, but totally in-trend color of purple in her lipstick line? So I checked it out when I spotted it at Walgreens (the Astor Place location). When I swatched it on my hand, Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in 04 (is four the number for purple?) was a complete dupe for Fervent. 

The packaging is pretty nice for this one too.
Still, without a steady income, I needed to make my purchases wisely. So after a week or two, I finally decided to buy it (It was $6.99 compared to Sephora's $12; this will give me more funds to buy MAC's purple lip liner in Nightmoth). When I got home, they looked very similar on my lips too, but after taking pictures, I realize Kate's 04 has more of a brownish tint and Fervent has more red in it. Although I lean towards Fervent as the more flattering color for me, I think these are so similar that no one will be able to tell. 

The one on top is Fervent and the bottom one is 04. They look almost exactly the same right?
Up close and personal here, but still Fervent on top and 04 on bottom. 

I got so excited about my findings that I completely swerved away from the main anecdote, which by now, just looks like a side comment. Anyway, I had wanted to post this last week, but after I took the pictures of the lipstick colors on my lips, I realized how terrible they looked under the lighting I had in my room! I was going to do it again in the morning, but a) I always wake up late and b) I always have work/errands to run. It is also at that moment that I realized how much more time and patience is required of beauty blogging. Hats off to you, true beauty/fashion bloggers! By the way, my favorites are Frmheadtotoe, Clothesencounter, and Beautycrush. Fashionista804 is great too, but her eye make up can be bit too MAC-ish for me...love her personality and fashion sense though!

BOTTOM LINE: Rimmel's Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in 04 ($6.99) is a great dupe for Gareth Pugh x MAC's Fervent ($22). However, if you can get your hands on Fervent, do not hesitate!

Now, I'm gonna peace out to Washed Out's "Feel It All Around" (Can you guess what I'm watching?).


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