Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Mondays: James Morrison

Currently on repeat on my iPod is James Morrison's new album, The Awakening.  (note:  let's remember that I am a serial repeat-er, as I have probably mentioned.  I can listen to the same song on repeat for over 24 hours without getting tired of it.  It drives everyone insane, but I'm only trying to spread the joy of good music to everyone around me.  Clearly you should be grateful.  Clearly.)

Basically, James Morrison is cute, British, and apparently sounds like Cee Lo Green to everyone except me.  I honestly still don't hear it, but it is entirely possible I have dog hearing, so there's that.  

courtesy of Flickr user Aurora's album
He's got this slow, smooth, raspy voice that is perfect for Sunday afternoon when you're lazing about reading Mindy Kaling's book (as I was doing.  It is SO GOOD.  If you haven't read it yet, do it.  Right now.  Stop reading this. Go.)   

My favorite song from his new album is "I Won't Let You Go" and I have so graciously posted the video below.  I do have to say the video is extremely bizarre, makes no sense, and features a girl laying on the road by herself with a bunch of people staring at her.  I don't understand this.  Who is this girl and why is she laying on the road in lingerie?  Is she trying to reenact scenes from The Notebook without Ryan Gosling?  While I continue to muse on this and avoid doing work, please enjoy his wonderful voice and scruffy face:

Another one of my favorite's from his previous album is "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You."  Eh, voi la -- 

For a sampler of his new album, just click here!  Hopefully he'll put you in a zen mood amidst work stress.  (I know, stress relief at work is a trending theme of mine.  Welcome to the world of shit post-college job.  I try to find any small thing that puts me in a better mood.  This includes mini fruit tarts and Hello Giggles posts.)

What do you think of James Morrison?  Let us know in the comments!

Happy Monday!
-Beetle, xx.  

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