Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Mondays: Washed Out

Among my friends at Alpaca Clouds & associates, I'm known as the "short Asian hipster," so it comes as no surprise that my first Music Mondays post is on Washed Out, a pioneer of Chillwave, or hipster dance music.

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Washed Out is the stage name for Ernest Greene who started producing music in his simple bedroom studio with a computer as his main instrument. Graduated with a Master in Library and Information Science degree in 2009, Greene moved back home with his parents in Georgia, searching for work in the day and recording music at night. He went viral on Myspace and eventually was contacted by Mexican Summer, a label based in Brooklyn.

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If you watch Portlandia, then you might already know the music. Although I have been watching the show ever since it first came out, I did not google the artist of the opening song until recently. "Feel It All Around" is my favorite song because it really puts me at ease, but I also enjoy "Phone Call" and "Belong."

Whether you like to dance awkwardly in a room full of tight-jean, loose-fitted shirt-clad 20 to 30 somethings, or just want to create the chill ambiance, give Washed Out a listen and maybe you, too, would want to go skinny dipping in a Georgia lake one warm evening. 


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