Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Mondays: Chambao

Hola mis amores!  

To honor my triumphant return from the land of tapas, cheap alcohol, and fanta de limon (which they do not produce in the United States for some ungodly reason), I have decided to feature Chambao in this week's Music Monday!

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They're this flamenco-y, hippy band from Málaga in the Andalusia region of Spain and they're amazing.  If you're feeling particularly Spanish or stressed out, put them on and just imagine that you're walking the streets of Madrid or eating chocolate con churros without a care in the world.  

A lot of their songs are about nature, love, being free (told you they were a bit hippy) and honestly, after a crappy day at work, they're exactly what I need.  When I listen to them, I imagine myself living on a villa decorated with small white lights at night and drinking Spanish coffee (which is infinitely better than the sludge I drink here).  

Ok, enough of my bizarro fantasies.  Here's my favorite song of there's.  It's called "Mi Primo Juan" ("My Cousin Juan") and it's basically about someone with cancer.  It's pretty depressing, considering the lead singer, La Mari, has also battled breast cancer, but the music is gorgeous.  

Apologies for the random naked lady, but I wanted the studio version and that's it! 

For two more of my favorite Chambao songs, where they collaborated with other artists, read more after the jump!

After Ricky Martin made his random comeback, he did a song with Chambao called "Tu Recuerdo", which I probably had on repeat for about 3 months.  So.  good.  (Despite his 90s hair and vest.  I will always love you, Ricky.) 

And last, but certainly not least, they did a collaboration with Jarabe de Palo, another one of my favorite bands from Spain called "Déjame Vivir" ("Let Me Live").  Unfortunately, one of the constants in my life, as I grow up and make terrible attempts at trying to be independent, is fighting with my overbearing Jewish mother (who I love to death but never seem to agree with on life choices).  Whenever I get overwhelmed or feel like I'm going to be trapped forever, I listen to this song and occasionally it makes me feel better.  (or maybe it's just the vodka.) 


Enough of my ramblings.  Have a listen and let us know what you think!  (Barcelona posts coming up this week so be sure to stop by!)

-Beetle, xx.         

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