Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Frenzy: Globetrotting Alpacas

This week's Friday Frenzy is brought to you by the letter H for hyper because I'M GOING TO BARCELONA, FRIENDS.    

That's right, at 7:05pm today, I will be overcoming the forces of gravity and watching what will probably be a god awful chick flick on my way to the land of tapas and cigarette smoke.  It's going to be legen -- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is -- DARY.  

After visiting Spain twice, then living there for 6 months and traveling all over that ridiculous country, I'm so excited to be going back and not doing anything touristy.  I'm going to be visiting two of my amazing friends -- S & L -- who pretty much embody my ideal couple.  S is from Azerbaijan and L is from Spain.  They come from entirely different backgrounds, but they merge their cultures and constantly learn from each other.  They work like crazy and spend every penny they save on travel.  They've been to more places than I can even wrap my mind around and I'm so wildly jealous.  I live vicariously through them by stalking their Flat Stanley-esque photos on Facebook.  Judge me. 

They came to the BK for the first time back in October.  Here we are with my sister, RB, during a lunch break from the hell cave:
Clockwise from the left:  Me, RB, L, & S sitting down.
We here at Alpaca Clouds are broke off our asses, but certainly try not to be uncultured swine by zooming to unknown lands when we can.  Click the Read More button below to see where we've ventured!  

This is what happens when you unleash WahYizzle into 
the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.
She starts humping the mannequins.
Meanwhile I meet my one of my peers in Vienna
circa March 2009.
WahYizzle's feet land in Amsterdam.
(Bonus points if you knew that the XXX is
the symbol for the Red Light District!)  
...Men dressed as giant rabbits on stilts in Lisbon.  Like you do.
Tea at Harrod's in London!
I am jealous that WahYizzle got to put all of this
deliciousness in her belleh.
Carnivals in San Sebastian.
If this doesn't scream cultured, I don't know what does.
And here's NibsnInk on one of her badass adventures
in Singapore!  

NibsnInk enjoying Afternoon High Tea 
with her sister, WC, in Hong Kong
(We Alpacas are big on tea, in case you haven't noticed.)    
And that's a wrap for this week's Friday Frenzy.  Even though I'll be busy next week imbibing absurd quantities of wine, NibsnInk & WaiYizzle will be sure to update the blog on the regular!  Prepare yourselves for tons of Barcelona photo posts upon my glorious return.  In the meantime...  

What are some of your favorite places to visit?  What's your craziest travel story?  

Tell us in the comments! 

-Señorita Beetle, xx       


  1. I went to Aruba three weeks after Natalee Holloway disappeared/died/was abducted by aliens and/or homicidal international playboys/etc. My friend and I alternated nights of drinking so we could chaperone ourselves wisely.... still got into TONS of trouble. We recreated the same degree of "oh my God, what did we DO last night?!" in Marbella the next summer.

    BON VOYAGE have a great time!!

  2. A friend once told me about his stay at a hostel in Germany, where he got wasted and blacked out, but proceed to roam around in the nude while practicing his German. The next morning, he ran into some local girls giggling at him. Apparently they had run into him the night before, but he didn't recognize them.