Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are the 90s back?

I should have noted this when I bought my pair of Jeffrey Campbell Tardy, but I had to write this post when I read Topshop's newsletter last week. Apparently, one of the trends for Spring 2012 is 90s grunge; this is barely anything new. Platforms have been back for a while and plaid has become a signature of hipsterdom. Now, I'm no fashion expert, not even a fashion junkie, but I do love it and follow seasonal runway shows once in a while. Realizing that the latest decade to emulate is the 90's, I am concerned that 10 years later, we'll run out of past ideas from which to contrive, because by 2000, we were already bringing back bell bottoms of the 70s. I think Retromania: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past perfectly explains what the heck is going on.

Topshop Ad for 90s trend 
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My JC Tardys!!! I just had to sneak it in. 
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I think there are great designers doing great work and bloggers like Susie Bubble encapsulate all that is refreshing in fashion, so perhaps the marketers, publicists, and magazines (Is "Neo Grunge" the best description you can come up with?) from whom we get our information, are main contributors to this hebetudinous and tame fashion machine. What's funny is that this mainly pertains to mass-producing clothing companies. Another reason to support small businesses and thrift stores? Take what you will from this rant, but this girl is sick of seeing $90 price tags for a holey shirt and ripped jeans.

How are you guys feeling about what's in stores now? on the runway? Tell me what's your favorite new fashion piece!


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