Thursday, February 9, 2012

I GOT MAH HURR DUN a.k.a. Turning Over a New Leaf

While I am not unsatisfied with my hair as Leetle Beetle can get, I do not remember a time when I was ever happy with a new haircut. I've always felt that a fresh cut is awkward and unflattering on me. Lo and behold, I'm eating my words today. I absolutely love my new haircut. Just for fun (and probably vanity), here's a visual history of my recent do's:

The Side Bangs of Early College Years
The Punked Up Senior Year
Trying to Grow Out the Side and Ease into Mainstream Society

Me as of Wednesday Night
These were taken in a hurry because I was packing. 
Haha just kidding...(image from
It's a new year and I have a lovely new haircut. I also received my first rejection letters from employers. I don't take rejection well. Never have. Who does? I was crying and thinking the world was over when I got my rejection letter from Tufts. After reading similar sad news in email form today, I instantly felt the same frustration and worthlessness I felt five years ago. But five minutes later, I remembered what my friend said: 
The process for me started when I acknowledged (three) things: 1) I am broke, but I started off broke and look where I am today; 2) I might be unemployed, but I know that isn't because I am stupid, useless, lacking in creativity, or will to learn; and 3) I have dreams. The question is will I let 1 and 2 work for me or distract me? 
[Sakhile Matlhare]   
Then, I started looking for other jobs. I also wrote "What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger," on a post-it. I still wish I had a job offer, but nothing is going to come out of my moping and feeling sad for myself. I just have to let it work for me. And let's hope that it will only get better from here.  



  1. Gurl, you is lookin' FOINE.

    ... no, seriously that haircut is adorable and I LOVE it.

    -Beetle, xx.

  2. I think you should blast some Kelly Clarkson. And ditto on the haircut!

  3. love love LOVEE this hair cut on you!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I miss youuu!! Come back and live with me!! I don't care if you're BROKE!!