Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Mondays: Don Omar

Weeeeepa!! I am getting my reggaeton/salsa on (salsaton? I might have just made that up.  I am a visionary), people.  

My gawgeous sistah, @CraftyBelka, got engaged a little over a week ago and I am HBIC a.k.a Maid of Honor, so I've been doing lots of preliminary planning (but only the kind I enjoy), like online dress shopping and mentally creating DJ lists of songs I want to hear at the wedding.  

Currently on my list and on repeat in Grooveshark is "Hasta Que Salga El Sol" ("Until the Sun Comes Up") by Don Omar.   
Sadly there's no video yet, but this shall suffice.  Don Omar's a pretty cool bro.  I have a ton of his music on my iPod and he's done collaborations with some pretty famous Latin artists like Aventura, and most recently Lucenzo for "Danza Kuduro" which became ridiculously popular. 

This song is fun, it's happy, and it's exactly what I need when working in a window-less, oxygen-less, box of death.  

Have a listen and let us know what you think! 
-Beetle, xx 

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