Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day! Let's get sexual.

As someone who has never had an actual Valentine on Valentine's Day (gal pals & family aside.  YES YOU ARE THE LOVES OF MY LIFE), I honestly don't feel any different on this day than any other day.  I've definitely had teenage angst-y Valentine's where I wore Claire's jewelry and black clothes, wallowing about how emo my life is and how no one will ever love me. 

....so glad last year's over.  (Just kidding.  Kind of.  No, really.)  

These days Valentine's Day for me is just another day to celebrate the people and things that I absolutely adore and make me laugh.  Last night, my fabulous sister, @CraftyBelka, and I took our mom out for a Galentine's Day dinner a la Parks & Rec.  We bought her flowers, treated her to a delicious meal at an adorable restaurant called Penelope, and topped it off with strawberries & nutella.  
img courtesy of newyork.cityvoter.com
It was a night full of food, chocolate, hugs, and love.  Who could ask for a better way to bring in this Day o' Lovin? 

As for today, I'm surrounding myself with all things that put a smile on my face.  (Mainly to distract myself from the hell cave.)  A peak into what's on my list today -- 

1.  Jenna Marbles' Face:  For those bitter souls out there who don't want to even think about significant others (I've been there.  I'm mostly there about 80% of the time), I give you Jenna Marbles' famous "Face."  This video is genius and I've even gone so far as to perfect my own face.  I must say, I'm pretty good at it.

2.  Krav Maga:  Tuesdays are krav days.  I can't tell you all how much krav maga has changed my life.  Whenever I get overwhelmed or worried, I go to krav and it all goes away.  (Mainly because I'm too focused on how much pain I'm in.)  It's the BEST stress reliever, teaches you how to defend yourself, and just be more confident as a woman overall.  My instructors recently made it onto the Anderson Cooper Show and kicked serious ass!  I'm so proud to train with them.  

3. The Brooklyn Brainery:  Words cannot describe my love for this place.  The Brainery is changing the way education happens in this city one funky food/karaoke class at a time.  But seriously, this little organization gives ridiculously affordable classes on anything, ranging from economics to beekeeping to whiskey.  It's all taught by community members (I even taught Spanish there!) and they're quite possibly the nicest group of people I've ever met.  

4.  Michel Telo "Ai Se Eu Te Pego":  Wouldn't be a list of things I love without my current musical obsession.  Most recently on repeat on my iPod is this little Portuguese ditty.  Although I do speak Spanish, I haven't the faintest clue what he's singing about, but it sounds happy, so I'm gonna go with it.

What are you loving today?  How are you spending Valentine's Day? 

-Beetle, xx.      


  1. i finally took the time to browse and read your site ladies and I REALLLY LIKE IT and appreciate the different quirkiness each of you bring to your writing and topics!! keeep writing! i always wanted to blog too but never ever kept any one blog for long so please keep going!

    1. Thanks, lovely lady! If you ever feel like contributing to it, just shoot us an e-mail and we'll make the magic happen! :)

      -Beetle, xx.