Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Webcomics

In the spirit of things I love, I thought I'd write a little sut'm sut'm about two favorite webcomics.  I honestly cannot start my day without reading these two web comics and I've been with these characters since the very beginning, to the point that I think they're real people. (which is terrible.) It doesn't help that the authors have made Twitter accounts for them either.  So I blame you, Jeph Jacques & Danielle Corsetto. 

Up first is none other than Questionable Content (aka QC.  This got very confusing when I started working and found out that QC also stands for Quality Control) by Jeph Jacques.  QC follows the life of Marten, a socially-awkward 20-something guy who is constantly surrounded by a group of crazy girls and a horny anthro-PC named Pint-size.  

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 My other morning necessity is Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots, which follows Hazel, a loud-mouthed, kind of drunken but hilarious writer.  She says whatever first comes to mind, drowns her sorrows in alcohol, and is pretty violently insulting.  Is it terrible that I think she reminds me of myself sometimes? 

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Check them out and let us know what you think!  Do you have any favorite webcomics?

(P.S.  sorry for the weird image sizes.  It was either too small or readable, but too huge for the blog.  Zoom in to read the text or, better yet, go on the websites & read them all!) 

-Beetle, xx.

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