Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Mondays: Whitney Houston & The Grammy's

Today, Alpaca Clouds is dedicating Music Mondays to Whitney Houston. When I heard the news, I was in a state of disbelief. I'm not a devoted fan, but I have respect for that woman and I have good memories listening to her songs on 106.7 Lite FM in my father's car when we would drive out of state for a respite from the city. I thought why can't singers like her stay in the business instead of *cough* MDNA *cough*. While some people may know how to persevere in the business and continue to roll out "hit songs," Whitney Houston had an amazing voice. She was a beautiful singer rather than just an entertainer. 


There is no doubt that she made some wrong decisions in her life, but it made me mad that that was the first thing most people think of when they heard about her death. "It must have been drugs," they say. Why can't people just wait for the coroner's report, which just said that there was no foul play? 

And while we are mourning a singer who has been through an abusive and drug-laced relationship, Chris Brown is performing at the Grammy's. I should not even have to explain why it is fooked up that he performed at the Grammy's, with Rihanna in the line-up as well, and just 3 years after he committed a crime for which he did not even serve jail time. 

Why don't I give him a second chance? Because in order for me to believe you're sorry, you have to stay apologetic, even when people bring it up again. It's a crime you have committed; don't expect people to forget it, even though we might give you props for doing "Look At Me Now." (of which the best part was really Busta Rhymes's rap, not yours!) If you need more convincing, read this Hello Giggles article or look at this list of disturbing tweets and posts

Chris Brown is the reason why I did not watch the Grammy's and missed Adele performing live. But I finally saw a clip of her performance this morning, and you know what? Adele makes everything better.

What's your opinion of the Chris Brown controversy?  And did you spend your weekend in a 90s haze listening to replays of "I Will Always Love You"? 



  1. I completely AGREE with you! I felt betrayed by society when they accepted him back so easily. Okay he is talented... but a bad character should be held in higher priority. Accepting him is accepting that it is okay to hit people and that violence is okay. Violence is definitely NOT okay. I think it is disgusting how much easier people are at forgiving pretty people. I feel that if it were someone else who is less pretty that committed this crime it wouldn't fade as easily.

    Anyways before I get too worked up over someone as awful as Chris Brown, I will end my mini rant. Whitney... We will all miss you! I teared up for her when someone sang "I will always love you" as a tribute to her at the Grammys. <3 :'(

  2. I think the big thing here is second chances. I can't say that I wasn't thinking it could have been drugs that killed Whitney. I didn't assume it, but I certainly wondered.

    As for Chris Brown, he had his time in court and served his sentence. I'm not going to boycott him, but I'm also not going to make horrible domestic violence jokes. He has to live with what he did, which, if he wants to remain a public figure, may mean that he's always asked about what happened with Rihanna, and I have no problem with that. I just pray that she's never in a situation where that happens ever again.